Sliding Door Installation

Sliding doors add a whole new dimension to your house, whether you are remodeling or simply replacing old sliders that one of the kids or the mother of all storms managed to shatter. Perhaps you are wanting to add to the home’s resale value?

Sliding doors add a whole new dimension to your house, whether you are remodeling or simply replacing old sliders that one of the kids or the mother of all storms managed to shatter. Perhaps you are wanting to add to the home’s resale value?

Before you decide on which sliding doors to purchase, however, you must consider some key factors:

—The sliding door style or type that is most fitting for the room

—The manufacturer (find a reputable, durable brand)

—The type of latches you desire

—The type of panes and screens (if desired)

At AAA Sliding Doors, we employ professional installers who can put your new doors in place securely and efficiently. So, you can put your DIY manual back on the shelf because sliding doors are not as easy to install as they look. A professional installer possesses the knowledge to properly align the slider’s tracks and rollers, ensuring its latches and other desired accessories function properly.

Without the installation expertise offered by Local Sliding Doors, you risk a door that jams, doesn’t lock, doesn’t close entirely, or doesn’t glide smoothly on its track. Safety and security are assured when calling us for installation of new sliding doors.

So, how does it work at AAA Sliding Doors?

You give us a call once you decide to install new doors. A technician from our team visits your home to advise you on what make and model of sliding door will work best for your specific needs, given the room location and its exposure. We, then, arrange a time to install the new doors efficiently and affordably without the need for any additional services. It’s that easy! In no time, you will be enjoying all the benefits (and beautiful views) through your new sliding glass doors.

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Sliding Glass Door Repair
How can your sliding door fall into the slip-and-not-slide mode? AAA Sliding Doors can count the ways. Tracks can get abused, over-used, or simply acquire too much gunk from both inside and outside. The door itself can lose alignment. The latch can get worn out or simply stick from a harsh outdoor environment or other factors. And, of course, your glass doors can shatter from an impact or accident. Like we said, so many ways! 

So, what do we recommend? To avoid extra costs, inconveniences, and threats to your home’s security, call AAA Sliding Doors if you notice anything awry with your doors. Our expert technicians stand ready to pay a visit soon after you call. They can pinpoint the problem and provide a quick, free, on-site quote for whatever needs repaired. No hassles. 

By hiring a professional at AAA Sliding Doors, you ensure a safe removal of the heavy door and its parts, not to mention a correct and safe reinstallation after the repair is made. Because of the unwieldy nature of such heavy doors and the precision needed to reinstall them without a glitch, it is always risky to try doing it yourself. Our staff is highly trained, and our company is bonded and insured. So, you can rest easy without worry of any potential damages you might incur from a DIY job that may stand completely uninsured – and ensure your personal safety as well.

Your minor repair need not turn into a nightmare. Just leave it all in our hands and sit back, ready to again enjoy the view through your repaired, good-as-new sliding doors.

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Sliding Door Track
The track is the backbone of your sliding doors. This is because the door’s ability to glide open or shut totally depends on what goes on inside the two tracks, those little roller freeways along the top and bottom of the door frame.

A well-built sliding door will incorporate a rigid, durable track designed to minimize the accumulation of debris, shavings, and the like. It will also be designed to provide the least friction and obstacles for its rollers.

If one or both of the tracks gets dinged, bent, and otherwise mangled, your doors will not open or close properly – and may even completely jam or stick. The longer you put off repair or replacement of slider tracks, the greater the consequences for repair or replacement of your doors. The rollers, ball bearings, and the frame itself become prone to damage and disrepair when the tracks are in trouble.

Some preventative measures can be taken by homeowners to make sure tracks don’t become damaged. First, make sure your tracks stay clean. Brush out or otherwise remove debris from the tracks. Make sure greasy substances don’t build up in them.

However, even with proper maintenance, your tracks can fall victim to deterioration or wear and tear. Sometimes the fix involves a simple repair, such as an uncomplicated straightening by a trained technician from AAA Sliding Doors. Other times, your tracks may need a complete replacement.

As with all other problems that can eventually crop up with sliding doors, you need to nix the whole idea of DIY. Sliding doors are heavy and sensitive. Only a trained, licensed professional, such as those at AAA Sliding Doors, can properly and safely get you back on track in the las vegas area. 

Stay on Track with AAA Sliding Doors.

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Sliding Door Rollers
Keep ‘Em rolling

Admit it…You love the glide in a sliding door! Who doesn’t?

There is just something soothing about closing a door by giving it a gentle push without hearing a sharp, ringing slam. The low humming sound of the rollers almost soothes your senses when compared to the slam of a conventional door.

It’s all in the glide factor of a door. And, the glide is all in the condition of your sliding door’s rollers. The smooth, almost floating effect of these little innovations comes from plastic wheels with ball bearings—all contained inside a metal housing. And as you might guess, the more components to something, the more chances of something going awry.

First, when debris catches in the door’s tracks, it can affect the function and integrity of the rollers. They can equally get damaged when you use too much force when opening and closing the doors—creating the train wreck effect. This is when it hits the stopper at an excessive speed and creates a jolt or carom that either loosens or misshapes the rollers over time.

So, how can you avoid these fiascos? You can waylay the expense of replacement or repair of rollers by simply avoiding a couple of simple no-nos: Don’t let debris or gunk accumulate in the tracks, and don’t push the door as if you were trying to close a bank vault.

Granted, one cause of a faulty roller escapes any preventative routine: corrosion. Depending on the climate around you and the amount of salt in the air, corrosion will eventually invade your roller system. This is a longer developing problem, however, and therefore not an immediate expense. However, its results are still as concerning.

Whether your rollers become impeders due to rust, abusive shutting and opening, or bric-a-brac on the track, simply call our technicians at AAA Sliding Doors who can quickly come to your Southern Californian home to determine whether just a new set of rollers is the answer. You may also need cleaned or fresh tracks along with new rollers. However, you can be sure that our pros will try to restore the glide that brings music to your ears without incurring unnecessary expense.


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Sliding Screen Door Repair
A sliding screen door allows you to eloquently blend your beautiful outdoor space with the unique furnishings of your home. You can enjoy the fresh air minus all the bugs that try to sneak it with it. A sliding screen door is the perfect addition to any home but maintaining it can be quite another story. The key to avoiding sliding screen door repair is to keep your track and rollers crisp and clean! Sounds easy enough, right? 

But what happens when accident strikes? Someone falls and tears your screen. It’s no secret that sliding screen doors are fragile. Their lightweight aluminum frames are stretched across a fiber glass screening material, and while enjoyable, they are delicate and easy to puncture. Have kids or animals? 

Accidents happen, and in the event one does, you want to call AAA Sliding Doors!

Sliding Screen Door Repair
While a DIY fix may seem like the cost-effective choice, your sanity is worth its weight in gold. Our team of professionals make sliding screen door repair simple, easy, and time effective for your busy schedule. At AAA Sliding Door, we are experts in repairing all types of sliding screen doors in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Ever examined your sliding screen door? If so, you could probably see how complex in nature a potential repair could be. Supported on heavy-duty rollers, your sliding screen rides along in its track. Removing it from its track requires precise lifting followed by removing the door from the top edge of the frame. Sound complicated? It’s definitely a job for a professional…like our team at AAA Sliding Doors

We do the heavy lifting… and slide right in (and out) of your busy schedule!

We love what we do, and our team is happy to walk you to through any sliding screen door repair issues that may arise! We also offer a wide range of truly affordable sliding screen door repair options right in the Las Vegas area.

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Sliding Door Lock
Avoid the Ultimate Shock of a Faulty Lock

Besides a screech that sends chills up your spine, the worst sound you can encounter with your existing sliding doors is the thud, thud, thud of trying to open your door in vain. Have you been there? This occurs when your lock or latch mechanism freezes; and it won’t allow you to open the door. This situation can be extremely frustrating. Plus, you lose an emergency exit in case of fire or other disaster. 

Equally horrifying is a lock that doesn’t lock. In this case, security is now an issue. Broken locks or latches equate to breaches in safety and security no matter which way they happen to malfunction. You don’t want to be running from an indoor disaster and linger too long simply because you had to fight with the sliding door to get out. You also want a door that functions properly from both sides.

So, what do we recommend? Simply don’t put off repair or replacement of your lock when it goes bad. The consequences can be dangerous.

Too often, the fear of expense keeps homeowners from fixing a malfunctioning sliding-door latch. Keep in mind, however, that you might not even be required to replace the lock or latch. Our professionals at AAA Sliding Doors will give you an honest and fair assessment. If the latch can be repaired, our technicians will go to work on the spot and make your lock good as new. If it absolutely requires a replacement, we will equally be honest and recommend a latch that replaces the broken one effectively and affordably.

Need a Latch or Lock Repair?

Short wait, Long-lasting security!
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Sliding Door Glass Replacement
Safety first when it comes to glass, right? At Local Sliding Doors, your safety and comfort always come first, especially in regard to your slider’s glass. Sometimes cracked or shattered door glass cannot be repaired properly and must be entirely replaced. Any DIY remedy, such as duct tape, cardboard, or other homespun fixes, can pose great risk to you and your family. A hard slam of the door, a casual lean against it by your child, or even a strong wind can bring all the glass crashing down and create a hazard.

Beyond the vital concern of safety, damaged glass robs you of the delightful views and sunlight outside your home. Looking at a door-length crack or spiderweb in your glass door while peeking through to see your garden, yard, or pool doesn’t do much for your Feng shui.

So, what’s the simple solution? A pro from Local Sliding Doors can come to your home, provide an assessment of the glass damage, and offer a cost-effective solution that ensures your safety and the longevity of the glass door.

Local Sliding Doors maintains an extensive inventory of glass to replace a number of sliding-door styles, whether modern, classic, large, or small. Our technician can visit your home and suggest the best value on glass replacement without overextending your budget.

Want to supplement the resale value of your home? Just ask! We can suggest popular glass-door styles that will impress active buyers. Whether your home has one, two, or three sets of sliding doors, we can replace the old glass efficiently… and affordably! 

Need an Immediate Glass Assessment? 

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Rollers Replacement Services
At AAA Sliding Doors, we want to ensure that all doors and windows work smoothly,  quietly, and comfortably. This is why we offer rollers replacement services.

The sliding door rollers replacement is a full service from the AAA sliding doors company located in the Tampa area.

Sliding doors should slide along the track instead of jumping, pulling, or getting stuck when trying to open or close the door.

Sliding doors are usually outside the house and exposure to the outside.

Over time, you will often find a lot of dust and debris on your track, and if you actually keep opening and closing the door, the rollers can wear out. Replace the old sliding door roller so that the door slides down the track again.

Common Rollers Replacement Questions & Answers

-How to make sure it's the rollers that are the culprits:
First, you should look for the two screws at the bottom of the sliding door. One screw is on top of the other.
Grasp the side of the sliding door and lift the door into the top rail. Tilt the bottom of the door towards you. Gently pull the door away from the track. Sliding glass doors are heavy and may require help removing them from the track.
Secure or replace the roller
Similarly, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the sliding door cart. Rub the bottom rail with a paraffin block to lubricate it.
Hold the sliding door diagonally and place the top of the door on the rails. Gently lower the lower part of the door and insert it into the lower guide.
Turn the adjustment screw in the opposite drection to lower the roller and raise the door. Continue to adjust the rollers until you are happy with the positioning and maneuverability of the door.
If the rollers are beyond repair
If the rollers have extensive damage, we recommend that you find an expert like us at Nevada sliding doors to replace the rollers on your sliding door.

-What is the replacement of the sliding door rollers service?
Suppose you are actually one of the hundreds of homeowners in the Tampa area who work hard to open and close sliding glass doors every day. In that case, you need a professional service that will repair those rollers when they ultimately fail. Besides, sliding glass doors that can’t rotate smoothly can be frustrating and dangerous.
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Broken Glass Door Repair & Replacement

How Does A Professional Replace Broken Glass Door?

 We are a glass repair and replacement company capable of repairing and installing different glass types for doors and windows such as entrance, patio, and garage doors. So if you are looking to replace broken glass doors? Then you have actually clearly come to the right place.
Repair and replacement of customized glass door
When you break glass at home, Tampa Sliding Doors will be here to make sure your home is actually kept clean and safe.
If the glass door panel is damaged, our experts will clean and repair the damaged glass. If the damage cannot be repaired and you need to order replacement glass, board the area and ensure it is secure until your custom glass door panel arrives.

Solutions for glass doors
We offer many types of replacement glass inserts, including:

*Double glazing with shutters
*Energy-saving glass
*All-weather glass that meets or exceeds the requirements
*Decorative glass with matching side window glass
*Hurricane Grade Laminated Glass
We are committed to providing customers with high-quality glass solutions quickly, so we cooperate with many suppliers to promptly receive and install glass door products.

Similarly, we also offer many other custom glass solutions, including:
*Personalized glass shower door
*Repair and replacement of windows
*Custom desktop and shelves
*Pet door installation
*Emergency glass service

Call AAA Sliding Doors right away!
AAA Sliding Door’s experts are qualified to cut and process various sizes and types of glass, many of which have been certified by the National Glass Association (NGA).
Suppose you are looking for a glass replacement and repair company that specializes in providing the best customer service to your customers in the Tampa areas. In that case, you can call us at any time.
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