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Avoid the Ultimate Shock of a Faulty Lock

Avoid the Ultimate Shock of a Faulty Lock

Besides a screech that sends chills up your spine, the worst sound you can encounter with your existing sliding doors is the thud, thud, thud of trying to open your door in vain. Have you been there? This occurs when your lock or latch mechanism freezes; and it won’t allow you to open the door. This situation can be extremely frustrating. Plus, you lose an emergency exit in case of fire or other disaster. 

Equally horrifying is a lock that doesn’t lock. In this case, security is now an issue. Broken locks or latches equate to breaches in safety and security no matter which way they happen to malfunction. You don’t want to be running from an indoor disaster and linger too long simply because you had to fight with the sliding door to get out. You also want a door that functions properly from both sides.

So, what do we recommend? Simply don’t put off repair or replacement of your lock when it goes bad. The consequences can be dangerous.

Too often, the fear of expense keeps homeowners from fixing a malfunctioning sliding-door latch. Keep in mind, however, that you might not even be required to replace the lock or latch. Our professionals at AAA Sliding Doors will give you an honest and fair assessment. If the latch can be repaired, our technicians will go to work on the spot and make your lock good as new. If it absolutely requires a replacement, we will equally be honest and recommend a latch that replaces the broken one effectively and affordably.

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