Sliding Door Rollers

Keep ‘Em rolling Admit it…You love the glide in a sliding door! Who doesn’t?

Keep ‘Em rolling

Admit it…You love the glide in a sliding door! Who doesn’t?

There is just something soothing about closing a door by giving it a gentle push without hearing a sharp, ringing slam. The low humming sound of the rollers almost soothes your senses when compared to the slam of a conventional door.

It’s all in the glide factor of a door. And, the glide is all in the condition of your sliding door’s rollers. The smooth, almost floating effect of these little innovations comes from plastic wheels with ball bearings—all contained inside a metal housing. And as you might guess, the more components to something, the more chances of something going awry.

First, when debris catches in the door’s tracks, it can affect the function and integrity of the rollers. They can equally get damaged when you use too much force when opening and closing the doors—creating the train wreck effect. This is when it hits the stopper at an excessive speed and creates a jolt or carom that either loosens or misshapes the rollers over time.

So, how can you avoid these fiascos? You can waylay the expense of replacement or repair of rollers by simply avoiding a couple of simple no-nos: Don’t let debris or gunk accumulate in the tracks, and don’t push the door as if you were trying to close a bank vault.

Granted, one cause of a faulty roller escapes any preventative routine: corrosion. Depending on the climate around you and the amount of salt in the air, corrosion will eventually invade your roller system. This is a longer developing problem, however, and therefore not an immediate expense. However, its results are still as concerning.

Whether your rollers become impeders due to rust, abusive shutting and opening, or bric-a-brac on the track, simply call our technicians at AAA Sliding Doors who can quickly come to your Southern Californian home to determine whether just a new set of rollers is the answer. You may also need cleaned or fresh tracks along with new rollers. However, you can be sure that our pros will try to restore the glide that brings music to your ears without incurring unnecessary expense.


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