Sliding Door Track

“Slide Like New”

The track is the backbone of your sliding doors. This is because the door’s ability to glide open or shut totally depends on what goes on inside the two tracks, those little roller freeways along the top and bottom of the door frame.

A well-built sliding door will incorporate a rigid, durable track designed to minimize the accumulation of debris, shavings, and the like. It will also be designed to provide the least friction and obstacles for its rollers.

If one or both of the tracks gets dinged, bent, and otherwise mangled, your doors will not open or close properly – and may even completely jam or stick. The longer you put off repair or replacement of slider tracks, the greater the consequences for repair or replacement of your doors. The rollers, ball bearings, and the frame itself become prone to damage and disrepair when the tracks are in trouble.

Some preventative measures can be taken by homeowners to make sure tracks don’t become damaged. First, make sure your tracks stay clean. Brush out or otherwise remove debris from the tracks. Make sure greasy substances don’t build up in them.

However, even with proper maintenance, your tracks can fall victim to deterioration or wear and tear. Sometimes the fix involves a simple repair, such as an uncomplicated straightening by a trained technician from AAA Sliding Doors. Other times, your tracks may need a complete replacement.

As with all other problems that can eventually crop up with sliding doors, you need to nix the whole idea of DIY. Sliding doors are heavy and sensitive. Only a trained, licensed professional, such as those at AAA Sliding Doors, can properly and safely get you back on track in the las vegas area. 

Stay on Track with AAA Sliding Doors.

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