Sliding Glass Door Repair

Sliding Glass Door Repair

How can your sliding door fall into the slip-and-not-slide mode? AAA Sliding Doors can count the ways. Tracks can get abused, over-used, or simply acquire too much gunk from both inside and outside. The door itself can lose alignment. The latch can get worn out or simply stick from a harsh outdoor environment or other factors. And, of course, your glass doors can shatter from an impact or accident. Like we said, so many ways! 

So, what do we recommend? To avoid extra costs, inconveniences, and threats to your home’s security, call AAA Sliding Doors if you notice anything awry with your doors. Our expert technicians stand ready to pay a visit soon after you call. They can pinpoint the problem and provide a quick, free, on-site quote for whatever needs repaired. No hassles. 

By hiring a professional at AAA Sliding Doors, you ensure a safe removal of the heavy door and its parts, not to mention a correct and safe reinstallation after the repair is made. Because of the unwieldy nature of such heavy doors and the precision needed to reinstall them without a glitch, it is always risky to try doing it yourself. Our staff is highly trained, and our company is bonded and insured. So, you can rest easy without worry of any potential damages you might incur from a DIY job that may stand completely uninsured – and ensure your personal safety as well.

Your minor repair need not turn into a nightmare. Just leave it all in our hands and sit back, ready to again enjoy the view through your repaired, good-as-new sliding doors.

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