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A broken, damaged, or otherwise malfunctioning sliding door is more than an inconvenience. At AAA Sliding Doors Clearwater, we know that, and that is why we’re prepared to handle any and all sliding door issues!

Sliding doors are beautiful and convenient, but they can also malfunction, and not always due to misuse or mishandling. Like almost everything we own, sliding doors also require habitual maintenance in order to keep functioning properly. And a well-functioning sliding door can make all the difference between a convenience and a hassle. So what are the most common sliding door issues we tend to encounter?

Jammed sliding doors
Crooked or misaligned door tracks
Corroded tracks, wheels or ball bearings
Broken, damaged, or otherwise malfunctioning latch
Loose or broken door handle
Screeching or otherwise unsmooth door gliding
The professionals at AAA Sliding Doors have seen it all (and much more!), so no job is too big.

So you’ve decided to bring some light and flow into your home with a brand new sliding door? Or maybe you want to revamp an existing sliding door with a new handle, frame or panels? Congratulations! A sliding door in Seattle will undoubtedly bring out the best in your home or apartment. Sliding door installation, however, might bring out the worst in you if you attempt to do it yourself. If you’re still not convinced, here are two things you should know about installing sliding doors:

Sliding doors are heavy. Real heavy: anywhere between 70 to 300 lbs. Imagine that toppling over, and you will see why you should let someone experienced handle the job.

Sliding doors need to fit on perfectly aligned tracks, and misalignment will render them inoperable. Going through all the trouble of affixing the tracks just to realize they’re crooked is a real pain.

There are many more secrets to the trade, so instead of getting worked up about sliding door installation, let us do the work for you!

Sliding glass door repair
Replacement of sliding door
Sliding door installation
Sliding door screen repair
Sliding door wheel repairs
Replacement of sliding door
Installation of sliding door
Glass & Glaze
Sliding glass door repair
Glass Replacement
Lock installation
Door unlocking
Window Replacement
Window & Glass Repair
Screen Replacement & Repair
Roller Replacement
Door & Window Installation
Hurricane Impact Windows
Window & Door Structural Repair
Window & Door Security Locks

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